Nia With Dorit Noble

Dance classes in Muswell Hill, Finchley, St Albans, North London, Hertfordshire

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Reviews: 4/5

"Through a movement experience outside the usual fitness paradigm, NIA promotes pleasure and Joy, rather than pain and guilt." Multi Trax Magazine

You're burning fat and calories, building your muscles, giving your heart a real workout-but you're not pounding, running or panting. Your feet are planted, your mind is calm, and your body is fluid. Welcome to Nia."

- Natural Health

... in among popular yoga, Pilates, and tai chi offerings, Nia is an imaginative blend of dance and martial arts movements that lets even those with no experience in any of the above jump in and follow from the start."

- Reader's Digest

"Most Innovative Workout! (NIA) stands head and shoulders above a crowded look-alike market."

- American Fitness

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