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Body Iq Coaching Ltd

Dance Fitness classes in Muswell Hill, St Albans, North London, Hertfordshire

Why Exercise with us?

If you're struggling with having more patience at home during lockdown
If you're like me and want an opportunity to feel free, no boundaries
If you have kids and they're with you 24/7
If you can't sleep well because of the fear that's everywhere - in the supermarket, constant news updates then do come and try this incredible practice that will leave you feeling balanced in your body, peaceful in y
... our emotions and relaxed in your mind and body.

Nia is a mindfulness-based conscious dance class that is a fitness and wellness class as well as a life-style practice. It's been around for a long time in America - since the 1980s and was the first fusion-fitness programme. It blends the mindfulness of yoga with the power and punches of Tae Kwon Do and the joyfulness of Dance.

My classes are now Virtual and the moves in Nia (steps and stances as well as dance moves) are based on the intelligent design of the body, so it leaves your body feeling balanced and calm. Think dancing yoga or dancing pilates that is really near you!

You get to do Nia barefoot, the music is so inspiring and there is such a sense of connection to like-minded people who are not competitive but beautiful people wanting to let go of the mind and drop inside the body. The best home we have right now is being right inside our body.

Nia has 52 moves known as the language of Nia and I offer Wednesday playshops for you to get to know those better so you can get even more out of the class experience.
Nia combines steps, stances and dance moves with guided freeform movement

If you have questions or concerns, do get in touch. I'm here to help.

"Nudging in among popular yoga, Pilates, and tai chi offerings, Nia is an imaginative blend of dance and martial arts movements that lets even those with no experience in any of the above jump in and follow from the start."

- Reader's Digest

"Most Innovative Workout! (NIA) stands head and shoulders above a crowded look-alike market."

- American Fitness
Insured By: Towergate Insurance

Insured By: Towergate Insurance

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